Friday, 11 February 2011

Drop back, Fall down, Get hurt.

It's too easy to get tangled in today's world.

Get stuck in the rat race, trapped in the crowds, lost in the competitive chaos.
Everywhere you look people are competing for the top, desperately seeking to be better,go further and earn more-each trying to satiate that unquenchable thirst for success that drives them.

It's time to drop back, fall down and get hurt.

This isn't one of those lardy dardy  rants on how we need to forget about money, or a rife moan about how ''money can't buy happiness'' and our desperate need for focus on the simpler things-so fear not. I'll spare you the lecture, we all probably know it by heart anyway.
Instead, I want to share the beautiful notion of failure.

Too often is it feared. The very thought of it raises connotations on negativity, defeat, unworthiness. Throughout time it's been associated with shame, something we need to steer clear of , poisoned and tainted by our obstinate ideas.

But we've got it WRONG.
In all honesty- there is nothing more beautiful.

With failure , we learn.
With failure, we adapt.
With failure, we succeed.

Let's take an exam. By failing continuously at attempts before hand, we learn to strive harder and do better. Failure makes us panic, it makes us remember and before we know it -we've learnt to succeed.

Failure is the road to success.

They work hand in hand to define us.
Success gets the glory, Failure is the fallen angel.

Imagine you're in a race. It's the last stretch, the competition is tight..and your arms are pumping furiously, legs burning yet determined, eyes fixed on the finish line. To your sides, you see runners creeping unnervingly close, arms cutting the air too...better, faster than you...eyes fixated on that line too.
So should you push harder, try to get there first?
Should you pump more aggressively, try to shred the opposition?


  Drop back, fall down and get hurt.

Drop back and feel the others surge past you.

Fall down and release the pain in your limbs, the frustration crippling your body.
Get hurt with the pain of losing, the fiery lunge on your insides as you plummet into the murk of agonized shame and harrowing embarrassment.
(Note: Do not follow rule if running in the Olympic final...)

 Close your eyes and soak it up.
This is how it should be, this is where you grow, this is what defines you.

Plunging to these grueling lows, helps us reach those dizzy highs.

So yes, this may have been a mundane uninspiring one ,  a  'scroll straight through' one- but it needed to be written.

Cliche? Yes.
Over discussed? Yes.
Monotonous? Yes.

So, to sit back and summarise- I think it's safe to say ...                          this post has been a failure.

Mission accomplished.

I'll leave you with this, a poignant present to sum up my ramble:

 "Failures are but the pillars of success."
- Welsh Proverb