Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Waiter's terrible timing...

While dining out yesterday, I found my evening was spoiled, obliterated in fact. Oh, but it wasn't the food, the area I was seated ,the company I was with  or anything like that, oh no, it was the waiter constantly picking the most inappropriate moment to interrupt me!

 Honestly though, this is always happening - my dinners out are often ruined by this issue.
Oh but it's no pressing issue-it's just that simple infuriating phrase of  "Is everything OK here?"

Yes, it was blimming OK, until you came!
It's also bound to be at that moment where you have sauce dripping from your lips, cheeks swollen with food and as you attempt to force a smile to assure them you are in fact OK-your teeth,smothered with food and your cheeks (crimson with embarrassment)- forms this monstrous appearance.
The waiter now notices his ill timing and is also embarrassed, so you are both now trapped,sinking deeper into this awkward abyss

It's just so aggravating, like being on the loo and someone just waltzing in when you are quite clearly 'preoccupied'

What's the harm in judging the situation and picking a more appropriate moment? You see I have developed a theory. I reckon they time it purposefully, probably wagering with fellow colleagues to  find the most awkward moment- and then they POUNCE. Feeding off our embarrassment.
You could argue "But it's their job to ask!". Well is embarrassing customers part of that job requirement?!  I think not. 

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