Saturday, 4 December 2010

Sprinkle snow? Sod off.

I didn't believe the weatherman.
I thought he was lying.

 As I sat there swamped in coursework, tomorrows exams heavy on my mind, textbooks surrounding me on the floor- I was barely listening to him on the TV. He was a dull drone lingering  in the room,talking away to himself. My eyes were bloodshot stinging with sleep cravings, my arms limp and lifeless and my head was stressing and sore. But then I heard it.  Those delightful, heart warming words that caressed my fatigued soul. Like a cosy embrace, a surprise party,  a passionate kiss.
 He shook me into life with his chocolaty words:
 ''Prepare for snow".
I could have kissed the TV.  And I did.

So the revision was aborted, the textbooks slept scattered on the floor and I enjoyed an evening of elation. The weatherman had saved me. I climbed into bed and slept sweetly in the night's soothing, snowy embrace.

Morning came.  I opened my eyes and frowned at the frostiness of  my Wednesday morning room and the exams and deadlines that were to follow me that day.  But then it hit me. The memory flooded in, warmed me up and I began to grin.
There wasn't going to be any deadlines/exams, I knew what lay behind my window blinds this morning. Snow!
Those heavy white showers that would come dancing down, coating our clothes.
 Serene white blankets would be smothering the  roads, hushing them into a silent sleep .
 Cars sleeping under luxurious, white sheets.
 Delicate flakes settling on our eyelashes.
Giggling children prancing in woolly hats,puffy coats and chunky mittens.
Snowball fights and sledding down glistening hills, fresh laughter and pure faces.

 I could just feel it. The crisp air was whispering  it in my ear. Our  'get me out of work free card' had finally arrived! 
But NO. It had not.

I pulled back the blinds and wailed in agony.

-Serene blankets? NO, my hideous grassy lawn was still very much visible, with a sickeningly slight sprinkle of white on top.

-White rooftops and trees? NO, the roofs had a mere pinch of white on them and the tree leaves bragged some sloppy, melting sludge.

-Showers of snow cascading down? NO, but instead a light ,watery drizzle-dampening the ground, and my spirits.

-Sleeping, empty roads? NO, the gritters had been out and cars crawled on down the grey street, their growling engines laughing viciously.

-Giggling children? NO.
-Snowball fights? NO. NO.
-Sledding? NO. NO. NO.

This was the kind of snow that just caused accidents and delays. No fun, no freedom ,no Christmas spirit-just problems. This wasn't real snow.

I felt sick . My insides churned with disappointment, my shivering body over flooded with melancholy, and yes I'll admit it, my eyes began to well up.
 So there I was shaking in the bitter cold, goosebumps and misery gripping my body, tears streaming down my icy, throbbing cheeks,tickling the corners of my mouth.

Suddenly , I felt sharp corners of paper digging into my frosty feet which triggered me to look down. It was my scattered coursework and revision notes. They lay there, unfinishedUh oh.


  1. What a great post! I really do love the way you write! :) I know these feelings that you had, all too well!! I live in Southwest Georgia and we don't get snow very often. I get VERY excited when I hear the weatherman even HINT at the possibility of snow! Last year's winter brought us two snow events, which were very rare. I am already wondering what this winter will bring! It is already colder than normal with temps in the nighttime below freezing. Makes me wonder...

  2. Roma, you encapsulated what most people feel and hope for when the weather forecast talks about snow! I love your descriptive words and how honest you are! Being from Chicago, I am always hoping for a snow day from work (I am a 2nd grade teacher).I am looking forward to more posts!

  3. Looks like there's no such thing as the right amount of snow - you wanted more, I wanted less!Great post.

  4. in Wisconsin I can totally relate to the hopefulness of a "snow day" but, at the same time, I can also relate to the weatherman consistently being WRONG :) Hope you had a nice non-snow day anyway!

  5. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog!! You are a wonderful writer and greatly enjoyed reading this post. I just sent you an e-mail :)

  6. Cute little blog you got! I found you on "a life of color"! :-)

  7. You are such a talented writer! I felt like I was reading a book and could relate to every second! You captured the way I always feel when I hear there's a chance of snow.. which usually ends up not working out haha! Love your blog!

  8. I am with you, if there is going to be snow, let there be piles, those big flakes that you can hold a while, even with your tongue. Staying inside with a cup of hot coco and watching it fall...

    Nice post!

  9. Wow. The post was amazing, with all kinds of emotions expressed so perfectly and your writing is so flawless. I admire it. Simply superb.

    And by the way, thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. And you mentioned, you are new to the blogging thing, but I surely feel you are a lot better than me and absolutely a prolific writer.
    One more thing, you mentioned that I am a 'PRO'. Thanks for your opinion, but actually I am not. I too am building my writing skills and this blogging is the foundation.

    Anyways, it was nice reading such a nice post.

    Keep writing!! :) :D