Sunday, 28 November 2010

How to spice up a tube journey

Doors opening. Feet shuffling. Seat grabbing. Bags brushing. Headphones in. World out. Newspapers up. Doors closing.

Tube journeys are always going to be a mad uncomfortable rush. Hundreds of stressed commuters overloaded with bags cramming into an ill lit metal cylinder that crawls along a darkened track ,isn't going to be a journey of enjoyment. We bare through it, and if we're lucky, we get to do so, SEATED.

The only problem that I've found with seating, is the overwhelming desire to study the passengers sitting opposite you. It's that  unrelentless urge to examine their clothing, facial features, mannerisms and just soak up the essence of them...but you can't. The risk of them catching you looking is just too high. Thing is, if they do, you have to force a embarrassed smile then naturally, in gushes the strawberry cheeks and the rest of the journey must be spent looking at anything at all but at them. So can you not look at them at all?! No,fear not- there's a solution. Shoes.

Look down and you'll see them, a beautifully long  line of colours, shapes and  sizes all for you to examine. You can imagine up scenarios for each type, conjure up an image of the wearer and his lifestyle-all from just the shoes. It's a beautiful game.

Then again, perhaps you're not lucky enough to get a seat?  You're traveling in the rush hour and have ended up a tinned sardine, captured in hot and agitated huddle with passengers from all walks of life. You're so close you can feel their shuffling feet trampling on your toes , hear their hearts thudding, feel their hot breath settling on your skin. But it's OK. In this uncomfortable, baked beans scenario, a game can be played. Just follow the steps:
1. Source a near passenger with headphones in (it's probably harder to find one without them in to be honest...)
2. Lean in and listen closer to the song they're listening to, but make sure you're discreet.
3. Make sure you know the song, if so BINGO.
4. Now, making sure they can see you, begin mouthing the lyrics of the song they're listening to (if possible in sync)
5. Watch their facial expression

They either assume by some massive coincidence you're listening to the same song at exactly the same time on your respective i-pods or ,if you're without headphones yourself, that you just happened to have that song in your head. Either way, the look on their face is utterly priceless. In fact, that expression change from 'sick to death of this stinking monotonous journey' to 'OH DEAR LORD, WE'RE LISTENING TO THE SAME SONG AT EXACTLY THE SAME DARN TIME'  is reason alone to get  the tube.

 So, there's just a couple of tips to help ease  tube journeys. Maybe you'll find them useless, maybe life altering, who knows? But hey, all I can say is try spicing up your tube journey and give it a go...


  1. Hey Roma! I found your blog through a comment you left, where you said you're a new blogger. Didn't expect much but actually, LOVE IT. I'm a new blogger too. We should be bloggy buddies, blog pals, bloggin amigas...i got more. Come visit me! I'll come back.

    And I'm currently living in Lima right now with a quite interesting system of transportation as well, bragging equal uncomfortable closeness. If I ever hear someone's music around me, in English, that i know, I'll give your method a go.

  2. Hi Roma!

    I love the UK culture that oozes out of this post! I am not a city slicker, so I don't frequent the subways here in the USA. But your post has illustrated the awkward elements and sublime upsides of taking the tube :) I was so happy to see your heartfelt comment, and count me in as a follower. I am excited to see the directions your blog will take!

  3. Hi Roma, thank you so much for the unbelievably kind comment you left me. I am fairly new to blogging as well and sometimes you wonder if what your doing really matters to anyone other than your mum! I have been know to write specifically to her in my posts.
    The dog on my blog title is my little 150 pound baby, I think he's beautiful too and he knows it, which is why I get all these great shots of him posing!
    I love your blog! The colours are great, I like to change mine up often so it never feels dull or boring. Your blog posts are too funny! I am a big fan of your Five W's! I know that feeling all too well!
    Take care and hopefully you stop by and visit me from time to time. I am following you and I can assure you I will be back! xoxo

  4. Hi Roma, I'm glad you found my blog, thanks for following me. I'm also quite new blogger, but thanks anyway for calling me a blogger pro :)
    I'm following you now and I'm looking forward to read your next blog post.

    I really like your blog post. We don't have a tube in Ljubljana, so I use city bus. You should read my blog about buses (and bathrooms):

  5. Hi Roma! ~ Love this blog post!! I felt like I was right there with you on the "tube"! ;) I love the way that you change your font size and style to match your phrase or sentence! Very cool! In south Georgia (USA), we don't have any "tubes" (or such), so I don't get to ride on them often.

    Now on to read more of your posts! :)

  6. lol...for a new bloggie you are doing gr8...
    me too in da same boat...but i guess yours is a jet ski in comparison to mine while i am still keep up da gud wrk!!

  7. Hi Roma, thanks for the nice comments you left on my blog. I love your blog and you did a great job with your thoughts while riding the tube. We had BART in California, "our tube.". I could so relate with what you wrote, good job girl.

  8. I am your newest follower! Thank you for your sweet sweet comment! I loved this post because I can totally relate via public transportation in San Francisco!! I laughed when I read some of your lines!! I look forward to reading more!!!

    Have a glorious day!

  9. Hey Roma ! I live in the country so i cannot relate to public transport or hustle and bustle of a busy city! You have a great style for writing! I would say stick to your guns, dont let people influence you or get you down. You write for you and you only! Keep that in mind as you get involved into blogging! I've learned the hard way on that one! Thank you for your sweet comments -- i unfortunately don't have many tips except comment and get to know the bloggers/blogs you follow! Hope this helps! Have a great day!

  10. Roma!
    Thank you so much for stopping by Love Never Fails :)
    Your sweet words brought a big ol' grin on my face! I think the most important blogging advice I have ever gotten was when reading this quote from Whitney Deal from the blog Darling Dexter:

    "I honestly feel that the most important thing a blogger can do is to post genuine what you love and care about. And after time you form a loyal audience no matter how big or small."

    I think those words are some of the truest ones ever spoken! Keep up the great work, blog what you love, and just be you :) You will have lovely followers no matter what! Best of luck and I can't wait to see what else you have to post!

  11. Also! I just FINALLY updated the look of my blog outside the regular blogger templates and I owe all my designs to Lindsay from the blog Scenic Glory. She is SO AMAZING and does design stuff for all bloggers. If you are wanting to ever change things up, I suggest her! Here is the link to her blog :)

  12. I love this blog post. It transported me to another place and I always love that!
    Send me an email at and we'll talk more blog;)
    Oh, and I follow you now too.

  13. Thanks for the sweet and kind comment!!...
    your post about the tube was very refreshing and interesting read, cauz i wud be comin nxt year to London for my studies so wud be using d tube a lot(btw i am from coventry)!!

    I was just reading your ABOUT ME section, hmm TIME TRAVELLERS WIFE...i luved it i am not insane...thank you very

    keep up da gud wrk!!

  14. This is the best post ever!! I hate riding on the tube but next time I am definately going to play that game! Love the blog and you are a great writer :) Can't wait to read the next post! :) xx
    ooo also, this may sound really random but your name is Roma right? Do people keep singing Lady Gaga to you? Because if they do, that must be really annoying!

  15. haha she totally wrote that song for you :) and yeah he's letting me pay it in January now but I had to send him shit loads of evidence saying that I don't have the money! Crazy! What happened to trust these days?!x

  16. Roma,
    You left me the sweetest little comment I've ever gotten. You are far too nice! Always be you and by reaching out to other bloggers like you've done, you'll always be favored well among others!
    Your blog is so wonderful! You're an incredible writer and this post definitely made me laugh out loud!

  17. Hey! Love your "About Me" on your blog! It is too cute!! Great posts too girl! Wish I could roam the streets of london!! Ill follow along your "ramblings" so I can act like I am there :) Have a wonderful weekend girl and thanks for such a sweet comment!

  18. You are too freaking cute! I love the way you write :) I'm out in the States, and the city I live in doesn't have a subway system - BUT! This so took me back to my Parisian days! I spent a month in France as a study abroad and remember taking the metro evverrywherreee. It was so fantastic. Shamefully, I must admit I was a big-time eavesdropper :P I used the excuse, 'Oh, I'm just bettering my French' ... but it was so neat to listen-in on the things people were talking about. Ha! Such a fun post. I like your style :)

    Looking forward to more!