Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Turd that is Tuesday...

Have you ever had the Monday morning feeling? Felt the bitter sting as the first day of the week crawls in?  Often wanted to do anything to escape the monotony?

You see, it's not Monday we need to worry about.
Forget the cliche, the accepted connotation of the day... there are far more evil forces at work. Behind the Monday facade lurks something far more atrocious, more terrifying.


Don't laugh, don't look away- I KNOW you agree.
We all shy away from the truth that stares us  straight in the eye. Tuesday is the real wretch of the week. Tuesday is what Monday threw up.
The slippery, daemonic day that deceives us as 'normal' .

 NO- I've had enough.
It's time to disregard the Status-Quo that we stick to sheepishly.
Rip off those foggy 'stick with the given' goggles.
It's time to reveal the turd that is Tuesday for what it really is...

I mean let's be honest- what right does it even have to be in our weekly structure?! 

Monday -       The beginning, we all collectively agree it's unpleasant...fine.
Wednesday- The middle of the week, half way there..
Thursday-The 'nearing the summit' day. 'Hack on with some work' day, 'sort out the weekend plans' day.
Friday-      The party begins, bring out the fish and chips- it's time to have fun.
Saturday-  The free day. Your day- make it what you will.
Sunday-    The 'relax, unwind and recooperate' day.

It's a solid, understandable week.

So why on earth does Tuesday insist on creeping in there? 

Tuesday is unnecessary.
Tuesday is nothing.
Tuesday needs to be banned.

Who's with me!?


  1. This is a great post! I totally agree! :)

  2. Roma, I'm not sure what line made me laugh more:

    Tuesday is what Monday threw up
    It's time to reveal the turd that is Tuesday for what it really is...

    I agree, so long Tuesdays...I'm with you! :)

  3. Hey, I recently found your blog and I have to say "thumbs up" Your right. Tuesdays are kind of a bitch. Grr.

  4. well i'm glad you agree!
    It's great to see it's not just me then, Tuesdays just NEVER go well in my world!
    (As you can gather from my bitterness)

    Thanks for the lovely comments :) !

  5. LMBO I totally agree. I never thought of it like that.

  6. Tuesday's can be fun if you make them Taco Tuesday's, or designate some other fun food to being soley served that evening.

    Although, the idea that Tuesday's are Monday's puke was fantastic!