Saturday, 19 March 2011

The Icy Dash

Ever seen an Olympic runner, performing  in
their element?
The skill, the timing, the intense determination swirling in those hungry eyes?
Couldn't help but gaze, jaw agape, at the sheer talent that unravels effortlessly before you?

Well, that's nothing. 
Move aside Olympic medalists, eat your heart out Usain Bolt- there are far greater challenges to conquer.

 Nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to excruciating feat that is...
                                          The Icy Dash.

I'll set the scene:
You've woken up on a chilly weekday morning to an appetizing full day's work that awaits you. The mundane stench of  just the thought of the day, has you feeling queasy already.   
 You're shattered, grumpy and most probably not quite with it.

 So, half-dead, you stagger into the shower.

Yes, you scald yourself a couple of times with the water.
Yes, the shampoo seeps under your eyelids and takes a few vicious bites
 But overall, it's exactly what you needed. It's what loosens the embrace of sleep  and  what stirs you into the day.

Right ,shower off and time to reach for the towel...

In your sleepy haze you'd forgotten to place it near the door. You stand there bewildered - shivering, soggy and naked in your  freezing rectangular block.

But you've GOT to get that towel.

It is here mankind must face the ultimate test
It is here  mankind summons a courage that resides deep within

It is here Mankind must make
The Icy Dash.

The aim is simple:
The quicker you run, the sooner you'll be warm.
 You have just one option- to make The Icy Dash to the towel.

It is here the cold lunges barbarically at our bodies, the brisk air pinches at our skin, the bitter air howls in our ears.
Like a lone deer on savanna filled with ravenous lions-  we're nothing more than prey.
We dart, with wet hair,quivering bodies and a fatigued mind through the shadows of a sleeping house in utter silence.

 Some falter, stub toes and howl in agony.
Some have perfected it to something Graceful, skillful and laudable.
 No matter what happens, we can all admit The Icy Dash  truly is the
ultimate challenge.

So forget watching the Marathon, the Olympic games or one of those petty triathlons...
It's time to start appreciating true talent
It's time to start watching the human race in it's finest moments of unadulterated , pristine skill.

LET  The Icy Dash  


  1. I am obsessed with the way you write!! Loved this post :)

  2. Haha this is great! I've actually done the Icy Dance instead of the Icy Dash because I refused to leave the warmth of the bathroom. So I "air dried."

  3. hahaha, i just laughed out loud-- love it!!