Sunday, 26 September 2010

Eluding Essays

Starting a piece of work is horrible. I mean, once you get started it's alright and you get into the flow of things-but starting it all off, it's just excruciating. Ever been swimming and had to take that dreaded first plunge into the icy water, before you become immersed and comfortable? Felt that sudden, nasty sting of the water and chilly grip on your insides, all so shocking and unbearable?  It's just like that. Brr.

So, you have this work to do, you know you have to do it sometime and you know if you don't do it- it'll be playing on your mind anyway-so why not start? Believe me, It's harder than it sounds. You see I've developed a terrible habit. I do absolutely everything i possibly can to avoid starting. I just hurl out these obstacles and back further and further away from just blimming getting on with it!

I'm sitting down at the table, the blank page in front of me, a good working light is on and it's almost silent-the perfect atmosphere to get going. But no, oh no, i can't possibly start NOW! I haven't walked the dog! Right, 45 minutes later, feeling refreshed I'm back in front of the blank page. But wait-I should probably go and charge my phone and of course, i must check my email. 30 minutes later,I'm back staring at the page. It's still blank. Ooo isn't that good TV show on now? Can't possibly miss that. 50 minutes later, right,  now it's time to REALLY start. Ah but I reckon I must have a cup of tea to get me thinking , and while I'm there, why not a sandwich?  20 minutes later, should i start writing in blue? No, i think black, I'll go and get a black pen...

This goes on for hours, no exaggeration. By the time i actually get around to writing something down ,it's all a mad ,deplorable ,last minute rush. And the the thing is, when you get going-it's really not that bad. So my advice for the day ( life, in fact) is that if you have something to start- just dive straight in and get it over and done with. Yes, it may be intimidating,frustrating and tortuous but ,oh boy does it feel good when it's done.


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  2. Fascinating, really fascinating.
    I really like your style.
    Keep this up.

  3. Hahaha oh honey this is so me. I am a procrastinator to the EXTREME and there is just nothing I can do about it. Like today - I had a roller derby grand final. Had to make a boutfit. Bought the fabric a week ago. Should have at least made it last night. No, I started it 2 hours before I had to leave home. Turned out really well. I think thats my problem, Ive always procrastinated, and under pressure, my work comes out beautiful.
    I say whatever works for you, go for it :)

    And darling I am no professional. Ive been blogging for about 9 years but I am small fry compared to many other bloggers. Just write whats in your heart, darling. Its the key to becoming a great blogger. Find your voice, and you'll find your niche, and your tribe.


  4. The only worthwhile advice any writer ever gave any other writer comes from P.G. Wodehouse:

    "First apply the seat of the trousers to the surface of the chair."

  5. I seem to remember reading that Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer would write in an empty windowless office - with only a dictionary and a thesaurus for company. And a kettle.

  6. It never gets any easier. The only thing that I find works is to go for a walk for half an hour or so, and the words/article seem to write themselves in my head. When I get back, I sit down and write with no distractions. Getting the words out is the end of the process, not the beginning.