Sunday, 12 September 2010

Tea Technology

So ,this week along came the long awaited Eastenders episode where the notorious 'Queen Vic' pub burnt down. Now I'm not writing to bore you with an in-depth article on the wonders of Eastender's plots and characters or anything like that- but simply to bore you with the circumstances that surrounded me watching this particular episode.    I bet you're quivering with excitement.

So after a shattering day,  I settled down on the sofa with a gorgeous cup of tea, ready to watch the episode. The cup of tea was sublime,that perfect blend in my favorite mug, warming my insides, trickling gently down my throat and easing my fatigued body. The all butter shortbread biscuits that accompanied it were also brilliant. They soaked up the brilliance of the brew when dipped in (resisting falling in the mug all pathetic and soggy) and then crumbled delicately on my palette ,soothing and satisfying my eager taste buds.

Anyway, so content as I was, I delved into this episode filled with twisting events, distressed faces,crying and lots of screaming from Barbara Windsor. All together, I'd say a pretty gripping 30 minutes. So as the fire broke out in the Pub, the crackling and burning of the flames and intense colours managed to consume pretty much all of my attention and all of a sudden my dog has knocked my arm and my tea has spilt all over my lap. Normally, I'd huff and puff and get up to sort it out, but amidst this enthralling episode, i decided to wait. This, it turned out, was a very good idea. I actually found myself  hurled into the Drama of the episode. The burning in the pub and distress of the people was parallel to the boiling tea that was scalding my legs . It was like i was there. I could feel the heat, the burning, the pain. I was with the characters,amidst the flames and chaos. Never has there been an Eastenders episode quite like it. Superb.

So, if you ever get to a fire scene in any of your favourite drama series/TV shows and fancy making it just that  little bit more intense and realistic-  i suggest you make yourself a dangerously hot Cuppa,fill it  to the brim and then hold it precariously. Talk about getting the full experience!  Forget HD, it's all about HT (Hot Tea).

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  1. This is hilarious

    You are a really talented writer, i can't believe you are writing like this at only 15

    Many much older bloggers don't have the fantastic and natural style you have

    I'm sure you'll acheive your dream if you keep working towards it

    never give up