Sunday, 31 October 2010

Bullied by my Biscuits

I'm sick of being tormented by the food in my kitchen, or more specifically by their expiry dates. It's a form of bullying. They say they'll go off  ages away, as if i'm not going to scoff the product much faster than that! Is it to reassure us so we don't feel the need to rush all our food? No, i'm going to be a pessamist on this one, it's just plain teasing. It's saying 'you're bloody greedy, normal people don't eat this fast'
 As if my bar of dairy milk is going to last me until march next year. Or my Frosties will last until next September or those delicious cupcakes will make it to December! Truth is, nothing lasts longer than about 3 days in my house. Three teenagers, what can you do?!


  1. If one does home storage of food, then expiry dates can be important!

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  2. first off, thanks so much for the cute comment on my blog the other day! glad to know i've got an audience, especially one outside of my own city/friend circle/etc :)

    secondly, your blog is adorable, and incredibly witty. hell, when i was fifteen, i was far more focused on my own egotistical self, not on observing my surroundings and making wry commentary on them like you are here. therefore: kudos to you! you're off to a fantastic start, and i do hope you keep it up. (plus i'm a sucker for british colloquialisms.)

    cheers doll!

  3. Yes, I've noticed that more and things seem to have sprouted these dates. That being said, I wouldn't be too concerned if you'r off by a day or two.
    When your Biscuit sprouts legs and runs under the counter, that's another matter