Saturday, 13 November 2010

The murdering of my alarm clock

 Waking up on a winter morning to the shrill screech of an alarm clock, is soul polluting. Seriously, being dragged out of the warmth of your soft, tranquil, bedded haven, into the reality of a bitterly cold November which lunges at your shivering body with it's icy bite, cannot be made pleasant under any circumstance. Well,this week, a foolish part of me thought otherwise, and I conducted an experiment. It failed. Miserably.

I decided that I was sick to death of that sinking feeling, that viscous poison that seeps  into my mind as soon as I wake. The daunting reality of school, deadlines, and facing unresolved issues of the previous night. Climbing out of my bed(and thus out of the sweet embrace of dreams and plush bedding)and into the day, really is the hardest step. So i thought I'd have a go at making it enjoyable. I figured, if I wake up to things that make me smile, I'll be more willing to start the day. So, I took 3 steps:

1. I wrote down the address of the party I was going to that coming weekend, on a piece of paper in capitals by my bedside.
2. I set my alarm as one of my favorite songs, so I'd feel motivated to get up when  I'd hear it.
3. I Placed a hilarious picture of me and the best friend on the carpet (so I'd have to see it before I got out of the room)

It all sounds peachy, doesn't it?  It was far from it. The outcome was :

1. I woke up furiously confused and knocked the party address paper behind the dresser (which resulted in a mad panicked dash around the house on the night of the party)
2. The sound of the song I so loved, made the bitter, temperamental troll that is me in the mornings, shake with rage. Fatigue and rage, not a good mix under any circumstance, let alone the morning. Let's just say, that song is no longer a favourite and the mp3 device that played it was thrown across the room and destroyed. The sound of it shattering to pieces, now THAT, that was music to my ears.
3. When stumbling to the find a dressing gown in my darkened room, I slipped over on the picture and did considerable damage to my knee cap. Wonderful.

So, I conducted an experiment and it failed. But, on the bright side- I learned something utterly profound. Something that will stay with me for life. Something, invaluable. Just remember the 5 W's:



  1. Hell, you don't need MY advice! Your writing is wonderful! You had me smiling even though I love LOVE love Winter (I'm a November baby, I can't help it... in my blood.)

    Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself. I'll happily add you to my blog roll next time I get to updating it.

    If you're on facebook, feel free to friend me. My ID is: blackinkpad


  2. Wait a minute... and then I read that you're only 15? And you write this well? Holy crap. I'm going back to bed. You've got some real talent. I'm serious. Please keep writing.

  3. I don't even have an alarm clock. That's how much I hate them! So... not a morning person then? You write great. I'm loving it. It's official: I'm a stalking you. xx

  4. Barb: Incredible to find out we are not only both sizzling scorpios but born on the same day? Brilliant. :) Course I'll keep writing, but only if you do ! deal? x

    Kymmie: Gor alarm clocks are just one of those items that need to be put in room 101 aren't they?. Would be wonderful to just...sleep. Thank you ever so much for the compliment on my writing, it's really touching. It means so much to me that a you take the time to be so lovely. Especially coming from such a pro. And no, don't deny it, you are! xx

  5. Oh I understand! I hate my alarm clock! haha