Saturday, 21 August 2010

The free time loop

Day after day we long for it, dream of it. So rare, so delicate -once found it must be cherished. You know what I'm rambling about,the words are sitting serenely on your tongue. Free time. Those precious golden snippets of time you have completely and utterly free. Sandwiched between busy work schedules, arrangements and the unremitting hustle and bustle that life suffocates us with-you find these moments, these jewels. I was fortunate enough to find one yesterday-a whole day to myself ,a whole day to unwind,relax and forget the day to day toil. So perfect, so sublime,yet...yet so useless.
                                        I had awaited this time for so long- yet i had no idea what to do with it. I was baffled by this new power. I began with a bit of telly, a little reading-but then what? How should i spend such priceless time? As i sat wallowing in confusion, the next devious emotion began it's crawl into my mind,hacking away and spoiling everything. Boredom. This subtle bitterness spread and before i knew it i was desperate to occupy myself and prevent this tedious wave.
                                           As a result, i sought work and then...then back i was. Back to the strain and perpetual labour that i had so desperately tried to escape from. I was once again yearning for those jewels of  free time, completely forgetting the uselessness they bear.

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