Thursday, 26 August 2010

When you know it's time for bed

You can't control it, fatigue-no matter how hard you try. It floods your system,an unstoppable wave of collapse,gradually closing down all parts of your body. That dull,heavy ache of the bones, numbing of the legs and sudden weight of the head. And then the eyes. They throb away, weak and stinging. Sharp needles of pain lunge at your eyelids-forcing them shut. Then there's that blissful darkness-soft and comforting,how you long to feel. But you need to work on,climb out of this serenity,this haven. So you prize those eyes open, the sudden burn of the light, piercing you deep-unbearable. The words on the screen in front of you become blurred-a fumble of uncomfortable letters. Then the yawn. That gaseous tsunami that erupts from within you-powerful and hot. Your body is screaming at you,warning you to stop and rest. Perhaps it's time to obey the body. Goodnight.

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