Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Nocturnal Bliss...

For some, the Summer holiday means sunshine, ice creams and sandcastles, for others it means relaxing, socializing and catching up with your television shows but for me, nothing says summer holidays like switching to nocturnal living.
                           I mean, here in London the sun tends to make very rare appearances, leaving us with the expected August showers. Beautiful,golden people grinning in sunny pictures? Try drenched rats shivering in the grey. What I've found though, is that you can sulk away and complain about the horrific weather or you can adapt and work out how to really make the most of your Summer.
                           You see, the real magic, the real deal lies deep within  the realms of the night. I'm talking about when the parents have drifted off to sleep, darkness has wrapped herself around the house and all that can be heard is the gentle,rhythmic ticking of the clocks and mellow hum of the electronic devices. You see here, right at this point you have it all. You can curl up and watch a movie, the atmosphere enhanced as the silent house watches with you. You can indulge in late night snacks, everything tasting just that little bit sweeter and naughtier. You can listen at the windows for the night life that crawls by or the changing songs of the early morning birds. You can even get online and chat to other nocturnal beings, all feeling more excited and chatty at the prospect of being up and awake in a still and sleeping world. This, is Summer.
                                              So forget winging about the weather, groaning about the lack of entertainment or absence of friends, because August brags something much more enchanting and brilliant-just as long as you stay awake to find it.

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