Monday, 23 August 2010

Heavenly Hideout...

I found out today that going shopping with your brother is tough work. In fact, it's not just brothers-it's any male. The issue is that we don't share the same shopping mindset.With me it's a look at everything, pick my favorite items,consider pricing and perhaps cheaper pricing in nearby stores,think of clothes it will go with  and think of occasions to wear it.I love wading through rails to find those items you truly love and fully immersing myself in the shopping experience-the colors,the layout and hell, even the song that's playing in the store! My brother, however, takes the 'see what you like then buy it' approach. Nifty yes-but infuriating for me. We would split up to the male and female clothes sections in a shop and within minutes (while i'm prancing about by a dress rail) he is back, finshed looking and trying to hurry me up! It's just exasperating.

However, it was during this incessant hurrying i learned to appreciate the oasis that lies within each shop,that holds out that saving hand to female shoppers everywhere. the changing rooms. Fleeing my brother's nagging i found them, the perfect escape.Welcomed by a smiling assistant, i walked down a shimmering hall of rooms into my own,private cubicle.No nagging,no pressure-just a room, all for me and my clothes. So i prance around in the mirror, checking the clothes from every angle,mixing and matching with other items and soaking up the atmosphere.This is how shopping should be.This sweet haven has been under appreciated  and taken for granted for far too long . Ladies, nothing compares to the sweet serenity that lies beyond it's walls .

So, the next time you're shopping, he's nagging you to speed up and you're feeling that pressure to rush- STOP. Don't give in , just scan for that angelic sign. Once you spot it -run. run as fast as you can, grab as much as you can and get.into.that.changing room! Because I'll tell you one thing-no matter where you are, who you are or what you're doing- you'll always be safe there.

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  1. Heya- this Piece is hilarious!
    I relate to everything here, and love changing rooms-it's the same nag story with my Boyfriend!
    Keep up the good work Roma! x